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Last night I was in one of two comfy chairs at Starbucks, coffee in one hand and a pen in another jotting down notes for this post and researching the history of Mother’s Day. The lady next to me secured the other coveted comfy chair and we were chatting.  She admired my necklace, a purple rock in the shape of a heart, an inexpensive find at Forever 21.  (What does the necklace have to do with this story, I don’t know?)

Well, we both sat there for awhile, she reading her magazines and me scribbling away!

So here’s my heart and encouragement for you for today.

April 25th of last month marked one year in losing my mom. When I awakened that morning there was a sweet email in my inbox from my friend, Heather. She’s a second grade teacher, she wrote…

Just wanted to tell ya’ I love ya’.  

I know today may be hard, my advice is just go with what you are feeling. If you feel sad and weepy, go for it, allow yourself to be sad and weepy.  If you want to spend the day working in your garden, go for it, spend the day working in your garden.  

Today is your day to feel and do whatever you want, I give you permission to do and feel whatever you want. No, scratch that the teacher gives you permission to do and feel whatever you want. Trust me that is a powerful statement in room 404.

I love ya’ Les 

I was touched by her thoughtfulness, but was impacted by her statement.

I give you permission

There was something about her chain of words which broke through my aching, heavy soul bringing freedom. It felt like I could take a deep breath!

So, in light of Mother’s Day approaching.  I say to you…

I give you permission.

  • To not go to church
  • To do whatever you want to do
  • To feel what you want to feel
  • To cry in your bed and fill it with cookie crumbs, as Hannah says
  •  “To______________.” You fill in the blank.
  • THIS is your day! Take a deep breath!

Take note, on this day celebrated by millions around the world it’s easy for us to get in a slump and pull others down with us. So in our wave of emotions let’s not take others out to sea and in our self-pity, let’s celebrate solo and not make it a gathering attended by many – a pity party.

The lady at Starbucks loaded up her Ladies’ Home Journal and Oprah magazines and started heading out the door.

As she walked away she turned to me and said, “Oh by the way, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’”

My mind was turning. Inwardly I was formulating words to say, ‘No, actually I’m not a Mom, I’m writing a post for those suffering infertility around the world.’

But I didn’t. I just smiled real big.

She stated, “Are you a mother?”

And I said, “No.”

She said, “Well, have a good weekend any way.” 

I smiled and said, “Thank you! You do the same!”

I didn’t feel upset or tangled by her words but realize we will never escape this holiday, huh?


Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day

  • Mother’s Day was considered a United States modern invention  in 1908 and became a official holiday in 1914.
  • The founder of Mother’s Day, chose Sunday because she wanted it “to be a holy day, not a holiday” and chose the 2nd Sunday of May as a memorial to her own mother’s death.
  • In 1912, she trademarked the phrase, “Mother’s Day” It is stated, “She was specific about the location of the apostrophe; it was to be singular possessive for each family to honor their mother, not plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.”
  • Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother’s Day was never married and never had children.

Resources:  Wikipedia and www.canada.com


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