Support Organizations

  • Show Hope – Adoption aid, how to start an adoption fund ministry at your church and orphan care, created by contemporary Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman.
  • Christian International Adoption – One of the largest international adoption agencies in the U.S.A.
  • National Adoption Foundation – Provides financial resources, info and services for adoptive or prospective adoptive families.
  • Adoptive Families of America Magazine – A magazine with information for families before, during and after adoption.
  • Frozen Embryo Donation and Adoption – Donation: Frozen embryos represent hope for infertile couples. With close to 500,000 frozen embryos stored in the U.S.A. alone, this can give a childless couple a chance to adopt and birth a child. Pray and consider donating your frozen embryo(s).  Adoption: If you are one who has ovulation dysfunction, yet have a viable uterus to carry a child, this may be an option for you. Prayerfully consider adopting a frozen embryo.
  • Increases awareness and understanding of the hope embryo adoption and donation offers to peoples struggling with infertility.
  • Snowflake Adoption Program. This program recognizes and advocates the person hood of pre-born children. Assisting birth parents and genetic parents in making a wise and loving plan for their child’s future.