As one traverses this barren land to the promised land of parenthood, many questions arise. Gaining wisdom through various resources helps reduce fear, provides hope and better communication with your spouse and the medical professionals. The cracks in the land seem to close, giving a surer footing and a firmer foundation to continue the journey.

It is our intent for these tools to help you, pastors and ministry leaders, in order to connect with those desiring children or dealing with loss, essentially giving hope to couples everywhere.

We welcome and will consider your suggestions for Biblically-based Resources not listed here. Please contact us.

These resources are divided into two sections:

For those on the Infertility Road:

Use the sub links to your left to locate your topic of interest. There are books, websites, music and much more to help you with your needs. Most of the resources listed are Christian based, however, be advised we’ve listed some resources which aren’t Christian based. We feel the information they provide give relevant facts to the topics at hand.  


For Pastors & Ministry Leaders:

It is our intent to create awareness for pastors and ministry leaders to the portion of their congregants who are suffering and often overlooked. We ask you to use these tools to connect with those desiring children or dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss and those who’ve experienced failed adoption attempts. In doing so, your offering help to couples everywhere.  

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