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Picture of the Day

As much as I Iove to write, (or try to) or find enjoyment reading a good book, where the words are so eloquently strung together, there is just something about a photograph! I thought I’d post some pictures I’ve taken that caught my eye. At times what I see reminds me of God’s love for me or encourages me on this barren road. Hope they’ll bring a little brightness into your day too!

Most photos I or my husband have taken are from our travels or just in the front yard. This one on in particular was taken in the Texas Hill Country last spring. We were traveling down the highway and I saw it and said, “Larry stop! Go back, I see something!” capturing it from the car window. You just never know what you’ll find out on the country roads!

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

What about YOU? I’d love to hear how pictures inspire you. Do you see something in God’s creation that reminds you not to give up? Or encourages you on this fertility journey?

Feel free to post a comment!

Life is good, have a fabulous day! Get out and enjoy it!

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