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This past weekend was fun! We celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday! I love having people over, cooking and entertaining, especially when it’s my family. There was an abundance of silly-ness, good conversation and food, including homemade sopaipillas! But this past weekend’s activities reminded me of what I purposed to do at the start of 2010…

…To celebrate!

The year 2009 is a year I would soon wish to forget. That year brought me the ‘not so good news’ from the fertility experts (however, I am still standing on God’s Word), I joined the roller coaster ride of a family member having a debilitating disease and lost a young, close family member to a terminal illness. Needless to say, the year 2009 was a year that I kicked hard ‘in the can’ right out the door!

So I was determined for the year 2010 to become more aware and note ‘the celebrations’ of this coming year. I’m not talking about the parties that I would give or attend, I am talking about making a purposed effort to recognize the little and the big celebrations God would bring my way; His goodness. So I began to write these as Notes on my Facebook page… yet I couldn’t keep up! Truly his blessings overtake us. As the Bible says in Psalms 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation.” I believe when one has a determined effort to look for the good in their day, one sees God is right there giving out the goodness in abundance.

Ok, I know I am rambling here(smiles). From this past weekend’s celebration it reminded me of this one Note in particular I would like to share with you. It is about my friend, Lacey Moses, who attended the H.O.P.E. Christian Infertility Support Group at Lakewood Church. See her and her son Isaac in the picture above.

I believe her story will encourage you!

Today, make a purposed effort to look for God’s goodness and celebrate the little and big things all around you.

Celebration 2010, #2 – Answered Prayer

I held answered prayer.

A newborn. Isaac Michael Moses, son of Lacey and Michael Moses born Monday, January 4th.

There is nothing like answered prayer after a long, hard barren road of infertility. It’s one thing to hear about a prayer being answered, yet there is so much more when you can hold answered prayer.

I’ve come to know Lacey quite well as she has attended the H.O.P.E. Christian Infertility Support Group at Lakewood Church. However, H.O.P.E. wasn’t our first encounter, it was service to a non-profit organization that brought us together.

I had just been hired, a manager in training at the Ronald McDonald House at Texas Children’s Hospital, Lacey a volunteer in training. As we were working and learning together I asked her, “So, how did you hear about Ronald McDonald House?” She said “Through my church.” I said, “Oh, what church do you attend?” She replied “Lakewood.” I said, “I do too.” Then we talked non-stop. She told me she was from Michigan, (I forgave her right then). She talked about how she had a friend that she was deeply concerned about who had multiple miscarriages. To make a long story short, I told her about my leading H.O.P.E. at Lakewood and gave her a suggested book for her friend. Never knowing, that one day she would be the recipient of the encouragement provided through the support group.

Today, my celebration is two-fold. Not only do I celebrate the birth of their son, ‘answered prayer’. I celebrate Lacey! She has endured the last several years with grace and dealt with issues with such respect and honor, even in the most of heartbreaking times. She is stellar! I’ve learned much by observing her! She’s a fine example to other women!

So as I looked into Baby Isaac’s bright eyes, I celebrated that fact that God is the Giver of pure and perfect gifts. I rejoiced as I was reassured God hears AND He answers! He can make dreams come true and fulfill a desire of the heart! He is the eternal, Faithful One!

….Ain’t nothing like holding answered prayer.

A Christian Support Group is vital as you are dealing with infertility. I encourage you to join one. If you live within the Houston, Texas area I personally invite you join us at H.O.P.E., meets the 1st Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at Lakewood Church. The next meeting is August 5th, [email protected] for more info.

If you live in another city/state check out www.bethany.org. Go to their site and click on Other Services, then Infertility Ministry, then Support Groups. There you’ll find a listing of Christian support group by states. If your state doesn’t have one, consider starting one!

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