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A Future Site

Howdy there! I’m not sure what brought you to this blog today; maybe you’re having infertility issues, waiting to adopt, suffering through multiple miscarriages or a loss, or you’re just plain…waiting. Whatever the case may be I’m believing you’ll be encouraged, but mostly, that you will not feel all alone. In sharing my testimony throughout future posts, how God has faithfully met me on this infertility road, it is my hope that you will find a fellow sojourner as you travel the road to motherhood!

I love to enourage others through writing, however, I am a novice, so bare with me! I love to share inspirational pictures, (like this one) however, I am a novice at photography too! But through it all, there is the desire of my heart for you to experience the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and for your love for Him to grow! Even in this seemingly forsaken barren land.

I’m no stranger to infertility, for over ten years now I’ve experienced its’ emotional and psychological effects, i.e. heartache. Just as you probably have. Like I mentioned earlier though God has been right there with me. I LOVE to tell what He is done and is doing for me!

Seeing the words on this construction barrier down at the Texas Medical Center, for a newly built hospital reminded me of Luke 1:37, “Nothing shall be impossible with God!” I believe you and I are ‘Future Sites for Miracles’, His creative miracle working power working in us!

I am praying for you today!

In Him,

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