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Monday Morning Prayer

Monday Morning Prayer

Starting today and every Monday morning I’ll be posting a prayer for the day or week! I’m a firm believer in prayer, believing it helps to build our faith and our communion with God. Feel free to leave your prayer request, whatever it may be, in the comment section below, even if it’s not a request to have children.

However, if you leave a prayer request, make sure you take one…to pray for another person!

Hoping you’ll find a sense of community here! The Lord bless you!

Have a wonderful week!


What is prayer? Talking to God from your heart, outwardly or silently, just like you are talking to a friend.

Whether you are dealing with infertility or not, you can recite the prayer below, or read the scriptures and make a personal prayer of your own. However you choose to do it, remember prayer is not a magical formula to get what you want, it’s simply a way of communicating with God.

“…the prayer of righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

Prayer for Disappointment

“Heavenly Father, it seems as if every month brings about disappointment because I pray for a child and nothing happens! I don’t understand why I have to suffer like this! But in your Word You say that I am to rejoice in my sufferings, because it gives me perseverance for the journey ahead, and perseverance brings about better character in me, and character; hope. I praise you for your great love, which has been shed in my heart by your Holy Spirit, which gives me hope that does not disappoint, as I continue to believe in You. Thank you!
In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Romans 5:3-5, I Peter 2:6 NAS

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