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Monday Morning Prayer

Monday Morning Prayer


Well, today is my birthday! As you can see from the picture I started eating my birthday cake! No need for a knife to cut a slice, just a fork! It’s gone now and boy was it good!

So with that being said, it made me think of ‘age’. For some, how old you are really does a number on them! (No pun intended.) But for me, truly I don’t think of my ‘age’ or the thought of being one year older. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I married a man who still thinks he’s still a teenager!

However, I am well aware how age affects fertility. How we race against this ‘biological clock’ of ours. I would be lying to say I don’t think about it, from time to time I do. Just yesterday I imagined what it would be like if I were to awaken today, my birthday, hearing the glee of little toddler saying, “Happy Birthday, Momma!” with a sloppy, wet kiss. Or a teenager, in their busyness giving a quick embrace. My daydreaming no longer comes with dashed hopes though. And it’s all because of Jesus, they greatest gift I receive every day.

For some of you, this may be hard to grasp, to experience another birthday or the fact Jesus can take away your sorrow, disappointment and grief. Yet I am here today to say on my birthday, “Yes He Can!” What He has and does for me, He can and will do for you! He is no respecter of persons, He loves you like He loves me! (In fact I think He loves you a little bit more! smiles)

I want to leave you not only with a prayer for your age and fertility issues, but with an excerpt from one of my favorite books, The Greatest Miracle in the Word, by Og Mandino. An inspirational, fictional story with an attached God Memorandum.

Today may not be your birthday, but TODAY is a gift! Open up and discover what’s on the inside!


TO: You

This is your birthday. This is your new date of birth. Your first life, like unto a play of the theatre, was only a rehearsal. This time the curtain is up. This time the world watches and waits to applaud. This time you will not fail.

Light your candles. Share your cake. Pour the wine. You have been reborn.

Like a butterfly from its chrysalis you will fly…fly as high as you wish, and neither the wasps nor dragonflies nor mantids shall obstruct your mission or your search for the true riches of life.

Feel my hand upon thy head.

Attend to my wisdom.

Let me share with you, again, the secret you heard at your birth and forgot.

You are my greatest miracle.

You are the greatest miracle in the world.

Prayer for AGE

“Heavenly Father, my biological clock is ticking, as if You didn’t know. As each month passes I feel that I am racing against that clock. Even the doctors speak of the impossibility of bearing children at my age. But I praise You for Your Word, which has not left me hopeless! In Your Word I witness the creative power through the lives of Sarah and Elizabeth who bore children in their old age. Jesus, You say ‘you are the same yesterday, today and forever’. If You did it for them so many years ago, today, I believe You can do it for me! As You say, ‘nothing is impossible for You!’ Thank you, for working possibility into my life.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Genesis 17:17, Psalm 92:12-15, Luke 1:7,24, 37 Hebrews 13:8

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