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Fertility Fact Friday

Infertility Etiquette for Doctors

For each week in the month of December for Fertility Fact Friday’s there will be a posting for etiquette. Etiquette is one of my passions, the proper, polite way of interacting with others, in fact it is part of my business (however, I just teach young children, not doctor’s).

Last week the topic was etiquette  for husbands ‘how to respond to their wives’, this weeks specific target is for doctors,  in particular fertility specialists or better known as reproductive endocrinologists.  For some of us, just getting to the point of seeing a specialist is difficult within itself.  For me when it came to the point of seeking out medical help, I believed God with all my heart  He could just cause me to become pregnant (AND HE STILL CAN!)…I couldn’t understand why He was leading me in the direction of seeing a specialist, but He did. In doing so, He brought darkness into the light of what was going on within my body.  So, I want to encourage you, if God is leading you to see a specialist, be open to it, would you?  God leads each of us in this journey differently, just remember to trust him, take every option before your partner and  to God in prayer.

God will give you the next step!

Ok, that was a sidebar.  Now back to infertility etiquette.

The suggestions below were taken from the answers of a small focus group of women.  I pray it will aid you in being prepared before hand in seeing a doctor, or if you are presently seeing one.  If you’re a new patient, consider taking these suggestions with you on your initial visit as a guideline of what to expect or ask from your doctor.   YOU ARE WORTH every ounce of tender loving care and compassion..which includes coming from your doctor!

I hope you are enjoying the revised website!  My hopes are to write and post more often, however, I have learned a new system and am trying to overcome the glitches that I make! (smiles)  Please consider signing up to receive inspiration and information in your inbox!  Just go to any page and subscribe!

Thank you for visiting today!  I am praying specifically for those out there seeking a fertility specialist.  May the Lord Jesus Christ order your steps, lead in peace, in unity with your partner and into your fruitful promised land!

The Lord bless you!


For Doctors

Infertility Etiquette

  • Send information packets to your patient’s prior to their visit, explaining medical terms, procedures and treatments.
  • Infertility is difficult, be sensitive to the fact that the patient/couple before you is hearing this possibly for the first time.
  • Respond in a timely manner, if your patient is kept waiting for a lengthy time, please apologize.
  • Your patients are people, not just another number, statistic or paycheck.
  • While the patient is under your medical care, be personable and passionate.
  • Treat your patient not as a classic textbook case, but as an individual.
  • You, as a medical professional, be prepared before meeting with your patient. Read over the chart before entering the exam room, reviewing previous visits and any requests.
  • Knock before entering the exam room, introduce self, make eye contact, have proper identification on and smile.
  • Speak slowly; listen intently.
  • Respond and explain diagnosis, procedures, treatments and prognosis in layman’s terms, not medical terminology.
  • Display empathy when giving test results.
  • Please don’t rush out of the room, make sure your patient’s questions are answered. Provide contact info for yourself or for your nurse in case they have further questions for you.  Respond in a timely manner.
  • A personal call from you, as a physician, to your patient shows that you are concerned and care.  Consider making some calls.
  • Remain positive when relaying a diagnosis or prognosis.  Never tell your patient that “it is impossible”.
  • With Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures take into account your patient’s religious and ethical beliefs.  Do not use fear to persuade your patient into a procedure that is against their wishes or standards.
  • For your patients that are on fertility medications to increase their follicle count. If there is only one egg developing and your patient’s life is not in danger, allow the couple to make the decision to cancel the cycle.  It only takes one egg and one sperm to conceive a baby.
  • For your patients going through an Assisted Reproductive Technology procedure, please be considerate.  This may be their one and only chance for due to finances and time constraints.
  • Consider the fact that infertility affects couples emotionally, socially, and financially.  Your expertise and tender care during this time can make their experience more tolerable.

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