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Fertility Fact Friday

For the next couple of Fertility Fact Friday’s we will address the question, “Am I honoring God in the infertility process?” These questions are taken from the book, Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake. The book is an excellent resource for personal use or to use in a small group or support group setting. I highly recommend it.

Am I Honoring God?, Pt. 1

Questions to Consider:

Are you and your spouse “thoroughly equipped” to make the choices in line with scriptural principles?

Do you know the Bible well enough to know how options are addressed? If not, it is time to get into the Word and find out. If you have studied, and find that your specific issue is not addressed, what principles can you apply as you ask the Lord to give you wisdom and direction?

Am I treating my body in a God-honoring manner?

If my body belongs to the Lord, I must prayerfully consider the consequences of all that I do to and with this vessel. Educate yourself! Yet, be careful what you allow your soul to consume. There is no sin in receiving medical intervention. The key to seeking medical aid is staying within God-honoring parameters. While medical assistance, in and of itself, is not ungodly, the Lord may call you personally to “be still”, making intentional decisions not to pursue reproductive technology. Always be led by peace.

Are we honoring our marriage vow and God’s desire for a mutually submissive, loving partnership?

This is most important! “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure.” Hebrews 13:4 If either of us feels a betrayal of our commitment to one another on any level, this is not a direction we should pursue.

Are we using good stewardship?

God already owns all my money, time, abilities and resources. What I have is a gift from Him. Is my pursuit of a child honoring His blessings, or squandering what I have been given?

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