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Fertility Fact Friday

For the one going through infertility, you probably have heard comments/suggestions/opinions from others you didn’t need or want to hear. It is hard to ignore.  How do you respond?  Below here are some helpful hints.

For the One Going Through Infertility

  • Forgive often.
  • Educate others about infertility.
  • Teach family and friends what to say and how to say it to you.
  • When on medication or going through procedure, be gentle with yourself.
  • It is okay to say ‘no’ to baby showers and children’s birthday parties.
  • Write thank you notes to those who have encouraged you.
  • Try not to be angry with your spouse, or any one else!
  • Confront and let go of your hurts, never hold onto them.
  • Show affection to your spouse; tell them “I love you” daily.
  • Look past the mouths’ of others and into their hearts, most have good intentions at hand.

For more Infertility Etiquette tips for husbands, family/friends, and ministry leaders, click on the link below.


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