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Wide-Eyed Glee

I wrote this as a letter to my friends many years ago.  Recently as I was cleaning out some files, I discovered it.  Thought I’d share it with you. The content doesn’t necessarily deal with infertility issues, but makes us aware how to look at each new day.

Caption: First time runner-up Erin Moon made a lasting memory of her niece, who arrived at the beach for the first time with wide-eyed glee.  The curious 2-yr. old wanted to know what the rolling water as all about.  We think her moment of discovery, when she turned to her family and announced, “They’re called waves!” is simply irresistible.

“Wide-Eyed Glee”
Through the Eyes of a Child

Dear Friends,

I received an issue of Coastal Living recently. Flipping through its pages I noticed some priceless photos from contestants who entered their annual photo ontest.  When I turned the page, my eyes and heart were instantly captured by the cuteness of this child. Her curly hair tousled by the wind, the million dolloar expression on her face, her fashionable Elmo two-piece suit with her protruding tummy and pre-adult chunky thighs.  As I studied the picture and read the caption detailing the moment, it made me ponder.

How do we look at life these days?

These are questions I ask myself and you.

For some of us, we’ve already trotted this planet 20, 30, or 40+years. Are we viewing the average day  through the eyes of the mundane or  with ‘wide-eyed glee’? Do we look upon this day, and all its glory, as if we’ve seen it for the very first time as this little girl has?

For those of you who are Mother’s, you can recall the first time you laid eyes upon and embraced the ones you birthed? Today, will you look upon your school-aged or adult children as if it were your very first time? Will you let that joy be expressed to them as it is on the face of this child?

Like this little girl, we as women should not be ashamed of our chunky thighs or be inhibited to let our tummies protrude (as long as they are covered)! We should love and accept ourselves…

After all the One who created us does!

Lastly, you read in the caption, “They’re called WAVES!” But look closely at the picture, the water is only ankle deep, yet her expression seems to suggest she has seen a mammoth wave! I believe it’s the littlest faith, the hope and love for Jesus Christ, that will bring the mammoth, tidal wave of blessings into our lives!

Have you ventured to step into His Divine flow lately? Are you accepting yourself just the way you are?

My prayer for you today “Is to look at those around you and at life through the eyes of a child with ‘wide-eyed glee’!

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