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Upcoming Events!


HOPE Christian Infertility Support Group Meetings:

Lakewood Church
Thursday, January 3, 2013 (that’s tomorrow!)
3700 Southwest Frwy., Houston, Texas
7:00 p.m., Rm. 4025, 4th Floor
[email protected]

The Ark Church
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
450 Humble Tank Rd., Conroe, Texas (North of The Woodlands)
7 p.m.

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Choose Joy Event: Surviving Infertility & Adoption Conference

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Laguna Hills, California
Tickets on sale now!

This inspirational and informative event is presented by my friend, Emmy Blakely. If you or someone you know have experienced infertility or are planning to adopt, please consider attending! You’ll not leave disappointed!

Here are some details from Emmy,

I am so excited about the speakers and sessions that we are going to have available.  I have been praying over each of these speakers, and for every one of you that is going to attend this event and I know that God is going to do big things.  When you purchase your ticket you will select the three sessions that you want to attend.  Each session has a limited number of spaces available, so if you do not see a topic listed in a certain session it is because that one is full.  Please be open!  You may find yourself in a session that would not have been your first choice, but that very well could be a divine appointment to open you up to a new idea.

Here are the topics of the 13 AVAILABLE SESSIONS:

Having a Heart of Hope: Overcoming the Hurt of Infertility {Lesli Westfall}

God’s Heart for the Hurting; Waiting Hurts, Waiting Perfects {Rachel Goode}

Fundraising for Adoption {Kathleen Ellis}

Infant Loss & Miscarriage {Julie Carson}

When Adoption is your First Choice {Chrissie Rouse}

Foster Care {Allison Dalke}

Living Hannah’s Prayer {Amy Srch}

Waiting on God’s Timing Through Infertility & Adoption {Beth Lauder}

When Adoption Fails {Dena De La Toree & Lisa Frattone}

Open Adoption {Lesily Davis}

Special Needs Adoption {Lyndsay Boulton}

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of International Adoption {Vanessa Clairmont}

The Ethics of Infertility Treatments: Are we Playing God? {Scott & Marlo Kurz}


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