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Unanswered Prayer

You might ask, “Unanswered Prayer? What’s with a title like that?”

Well, all I can say is “Don’t you ever feel this way?” I know I do from time to time.  After repeated petitions and requests with no results in the form of an answer we often wonder if God hears.

Yesterday I happened across this devotion from Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon titled Unanswered Prayer and of course it caught my attention! This great classic Christian author  ‘hit the nail on the head’.  Most weeks I post a Monday Morning Prayer, but felt the words of this devotion were a perfect fit and timely!  Especially if you are like me who prays a specific prayer over and over, the repeated request for a child or pending issue.

Keep on praying!  The Bible says in Luke 11:9,  “And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for.  Keep on seeking, and you will find, Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.”

I encourage you, let’s continue to trust in Him and rest….He has our answer.



Unanswered Prayer
Charles Spurgeon

“I called him but he did not answer.”
–Song of Songs 5:6

Prayer sometime lingers, like a petitioner at the gate, until the King comes forth to fill her bosom with the blessings which she seeks.  The Lord, when He has given great faith, has been known to test it by lengthy delays.  He has allowed His servants; voices to echo in their ears as from a brazen sky.  They have knocked at the golden gate, but it has remained immovable, as though it were rusted upon its hinges.  Like Jeremiah, they have cried, “You have covered Yourself with a cloud, so that no prayer can get through.”  Thus have true saints continued to wait patiently at length without reply, not because their prayers were not vehement, nor because they were unaccepted,  but because it so pleased Him who is a Sovereign, and who gives according to His own pleasure.  If it pleases Him to bid our patience exercise itself, shall He not do as He will with His own!  Beggars must not be choosers either as to time, place, or form.  But we must  be careful not to take delays in prayer for denials; God’s past-due bills will be punctually honored; we must not allow Satan to shake our confidence in God of truth by pointing to our unanswered prayers.  Unanswered petitions are not blown away by the wind, they are treasured in the King’s archives.  This is a registry in the court of heaven wherein every prayer is recorded.  Tested believer, your Lord has a tear bottle in which the costly drops of sacred grief are put away, and a book in which your holy groanings are numbered.  Before long your suit shall prevail. Can you be content to wait a little while? Won’t your Lord’s time be better than yours?  Before long He will comfortably appear, to your soul’s joy, and make you put away the sackcloth and ashes of lengthy waiting, and put on the scarlet and fine linen of full fruition.



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