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This Gift


L to R: Sarah Nelson of The Foundry United Methodist Church and me, some of my dearest PeePs, JoAnn and Andrea who showed up and surprised me, the marquis at The Foundry and the Book/Resource Table.

I thought I’d share about this past weekend’s event. I had the honor to be invited by the Women’s Ministry at The Foundry United Methodist Church (Houston, Texas). They provided a community-wide event for those dealing with infertility, in fact any related infertility issue. How refreshing when the body of Christ recognizes the need and reaches out beyond their church walls to those who are trying to grow their families through birth or adoption.

What I love about this is, is how Sarah Nelson of The Foundry and I met. She said she was “staging me” for a long period of time, I call it “stalking” this blog/website. LOL She eventually purchased my book. One day as Sarah was speaking to her Women’s Ministry Director, Lynda, about the Dancing Upon Barren Land book and possibly inviting me to participate in their community-wide event– Lynda just came out and said to Sarah, “Well, why don’t you just contact her?” And so Sarah did. So we met up, had coffee and cupcakes {yum}. A chord of kindred spirit and a compassion was interwoven for those hurting hurting through infertility, and the rest is history. Which led up to this past weekend presenting, Having a Heart of Hope: Healing from the Hurt of Infertility.

The Saturday morning air was chilly even for Houston, Texas but Sarah created an atmosphere of warmth with her food,  colorful centerpeices and hospitality. (shucks, I wish I had more pictures to share). And, the Holy Spirit brought a deeper warmth through His love in touching  longing souls. My friend, Roxanne Knott of the blog Grace Filled Waiting and of HOPE Christian Infertility Support Group was there helping to oversee the resource table. I just LOVE her! (check out her blog!)

During my speech of Having a Heart of Hope I talk about how there is an empty well, and unused part of our hearts made for tiny little hands and feet. The arrows of infertility, i.e. denial, jealousy, disappointment, loss can pierce the empty well and causing our heart to fill up with sorrow. At the end of my speech I play this song, This Gift by Glen Hansard. I feel the lyrics of the song vividly portray a subtle message for us going through the pain infertility and/or loss.

Stop for a moment.

Take a close listen.

I believe God will speak to your heart. I am praying for you.

Take a listen to the This Gift  here

Love y’all!

If you are interested in future events regarding infertility or adoption at The Foundry United Methodist Church (North/Northwest Houston) please contact Lynda Zylenka at 713-937-9388. Let them know you’d like to be placed on their contact list.



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