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The Winner! & Morning Prayer


The winner of the Giveaway to Choose Joy: Surviving Infertility & Adoption Conference is…


Congratulations Tiffanie!




“Heavenly Father, it seems as if every month brings about disappointment because I pray for a child and nothing happens! I don’t understand why I have to suffer like this! But in your Word You say that I am to rejoice in my sufferings, because it gives me perseverance for the journey ahead, and perseverance brings about better character in me, and character; hope. I praise you for your great love, which has been shed in my heart by your Holy Spirit, which gives me hope that does not disappoint, as I continue to believe in You. Thank you! In Jesus name, Amen.”
Romans 5:3-5, I Peter 2:6 NAS


Dear Friends,

Recently I was scrolling on my Facebook page. The first posts were a video announcing twins and few posts later was an image of an ultrasound announcing, Baby #2! Sometimes I think as long as I have been on this journey I could simply throw that off. But,  at times it still hits me. I put down my phone and slumped down in the chair. I just thought to myself, “Shucks” and asked the questions, “Why is that so easy for some?”  “God is seems like your giving out babies left and right? I really don’t understand.” To be honest…I didn’t feel the pain of disappointment I’ve felt so many times in the past, but I still grimaced.

Maybe for you, you are feeling the sting of deep disappointment. And it seems too much to bare. Yet I truly believe our deep disappointment is a set up for an appointment with Him. My friend, if are feeling that way take the time to go before God and simply prayer the prayer of Disappointment.

He’s faithful and will meet you right where you are!

Love y’all!



Finally! My book is finished.

If you’d like to reserve a copy, leave your name in the comment section.

Copies available on website February 1st!


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