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The Story of a Red Bird, Pt. 1

How many of you love  birds?  Well, I must say I do!  I love birds, nest, eggs, feathers, any and all things dealing with birds. One of my most favorite birds is the Cardinal, better known as a red bird down in this part of Texas.

One Christmas past I received a letter  in the mail enclosed in a Christmas card. The letter came from a woman from our Christian infertility support group HOPE at Lakewood Church ([email protected]).  I was so drawn to the letter, not only because of the story of the red bird, but what I had seen her walk through during this time. She had much difficulty conceiving and throughout her pregnancy. The doctors were giving her negative reports about her son’s heart, plus, one night she was bleeding profusely thinking she was losing the baby.  She called for prayer.  In agreement we asked God for the bleeding to stop. That very night it did!

I wanted to share her letter with you (with her permission), so you can be encouraged!  God is still in the miracle-making business.  Creating life in barren wombs!  He does hear your prayers and He answers!

Stay tuned and check back this coming Monday as I share Part 2 of The Story of the Red Bird.  This ministry is here to pray with you in whatever need you may have.  Submit you prayer request to [email protected].

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Story of the Red Bird

by Kris

As most of you know, my pregnancy with Trey was extremely difficult.  My husband and I want to thank you for praying for us.  You will never know how much your prayers meant to us.  We were able to get through the hard times, because we knew that we were being prayed for by so many.

When we were told that Trey had a serious heart condition and in all likelihood he also had a severe chromosome abnormality and would most likely die at birth, we were completely overwhelmed with grief.

It was going to take two weeks to get the results of the amnio that would tell us the fate of our little one.  So, in an attempt to prepare my heart for the results, I asked God for a sign.  I prayed that if everything was going to be all right to please show me a red bird.

Everyday I looked out the window to see if God had sent me a red bird.  For three days, I looked and never saw one.  I began to believe the worst.  Finally, on my way to the check the mail one afternoon, I prayed to God again.

I was beginning to believe that the reason I had not seen a red bird meant that I should begin preparing my heart to give Trey back to God.  As I prayed that day, a red bird flew into the bush located next to my mailbox.  I remember feeling such relief at the sight of the red bird.  I remember telling God that I was going to take the sight of the red bird as His promise for Trey’s life.

For the next two weeks, as we waited for the results of Trey’s amnio, I continued to see red birds.  Every time I saw one, I would smile at God’s promise to me.

The results of the amnio showed that Trey was perfectly normal.  However, he still had a very serious heart condition that we were going to have to deal with over the course of his life.  Even though the doctors continued to tell us about the seriousness of his heart condition, Ed and I still held on to the promise of the red bird.

As some of you already know, our small family got a miracle this past November.  Trey had a procedure this past November to take pictures of his heart and measure pressure levels to determine the timing of his first surgery.

While they were taking pictures, they noticed that Trey’s heart had begun to heal itself.  The hole in his heart was almost completely healed and his pulmonary arteries had begun to grow a vein (almost identical in size to a pulmonary valve) to replace his pulmonary valve.

So, the doctors were able to fix his heart by using a stint.  Trey will never have to have an open heart surgery and his heart will function almost identically to yours and mine.  So, he will have absolutely no restrictions.

Ed and I are so grateful to God for the miracle that He gave us.  We are also so very grateful to all of those who have prayed for our family.  We know those prayers have made a difference.

As I think of the red bird and its symbol of God’s promise to me, it reminds me of God’s promise to all of us.

God’s promise of Salvation.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

So, anytime you see a red bird, remember the miracle of Trey’s life, remember that God keeps ALL of His promises, and please continue to pray for Trey.

Kris and her son, Trey

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