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Show Us Your Life – Share Your Testimony

If you have come over for a visit via Kelly’s Korner blog, Welcome! I sure appreciate this gracious Arkansas gal and how she uses her influence to allow others to share ‘good things’! www.kellyskornerblog.com. If this is your first visit to Waiting to be Expecting, I personally welcome you! I pray you will find inspiration, whether it be through a picture or a story that is posted.

I am no stranger to infertility. I have been walking this barren road for over a decade now. But truly, God has caused me to dance upon this barren land! He has and remains faithful to me, meeting me every step of the way! Through this blog I hope to share my testimony of His goodness, faithfulness and love through the midst of heartache and to encourage you!

About a year ago, God ordered my steps to create an online ministry for those desiring children called Dancing Upon Barren Land ~ Spiritual Nourishment for the Infertility Road, www.dancinguponbarrenland.com. The site consists of Christian resources, infertility etiquette, prayers and a devotional. Yet unfortunately last month the site was severely compromised technically, so it is in repair. I’m praying it will be ‘live’ again soon! So, I said all that to say, this is the reason for this blog. To have an outlet to reach out to you, the one reading this now!

I hope you’ll come and visit again! I pray you’ll sense ‘community’ here, but most of all the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! I have some great things planned for this blog; Monday Morning Prayer, the WORD Works Wednesday and Fertility Fact Friday. So does that entice you to return? (smiles) I sure hope so!

In the meantime, I’ll post the first installment to my ‘Journey of Faith’ on this infertility road! I may be on this barren road, but I will confess to you Sistah, I am on the way to the Promised Land! And so are YOU! So please, don’t ever give up and keep the faith!

Yours in Christ,

“There’s a Rooster in the Hen House!”

“There’s a Rooster in the Hen House!” interesting you may think, what a funny title for a post about one woman’s spiritual journey through infertility. But, it’s a sure thing! It all began at a ‘Hen House’ meeting, amongst my girlfriends. There was a surprise visitor and it wasn’t just another hen or chick, it was the rooster himself!

Before this particular meeting, I would have days where I asked the infamous questions “What am I here for? “What is my purpose in life?” Most likely you have asked similar questions at one time or another. These questions were couple with such intensity that I would label them ‘crash days’. Nothing or no one could satisfy the deep cavernous ache within. Not realizing that the childhood dream of becoming a mother was buried deep down inside me, only to be unearthed by one simple question.

In December 1997, my husband and I had just moved into our new home. A dream come true! For years my close girlfriends and I would always be involved in some sort of small group Bible study together. Each new study opened our minds and hearts about God and His Kingdom. However, I didn’t know this particular Bible Study would prove to be a turning point in my life. For the most part, we would study the Bible, eat, pray…then eat some more! Our time together afforded the opportunity to try out new recipes, to be filled physically and spiritually.

Over the years we have dubbed ourselves, “THE PeePs”. Of course, a peep is the sound you hear when baby chicks come together, like a bunch of girls coming together. This time around, at my Hen House, on what we consider a cold day in Southeast Texas (sixty degrees), I was leading the Bible Study titled The Mind of Christ, by Henry Blackaby. In one particular chapter there was a question proposed to us: ‘What are the five desires of your heart?’ I proceeded to make my list quickly. After reviewing what I had written I noticed about four out of the five desires were for my husband, only one for me.

In the Bible, God uses His creation to get our attention, just like he used the rooster to crow to indicate to Peter his denial of Christ, a donkey to speak to Balaam and a raven to feed Elijah. For me, figuratively speaking, it was at this Bible Study that the rooster appeared! God Himself! He pecked my heart, not an intended wound, but a light tap. His presence created a tug upon my heart, a strong stirring to begin to pray for the God-intended purpose for my life. Little did I know what was to happen in the coming month.

Now, I write symbolically to portray and give you a visual picture of the setting that I was in, but also, I write in reverence to my Heavenly Father, God. As you will see throughout the forthcoming Devotionals I will express very candidly and openly about my relationship with Christ. He is my friend, I talk to Him as I would my friends, but with a profound respect. I pray that He is your friend too!

My journey down this barren road may be different than yours. In fact, no two journeys’ of infertility are alike. We may not take the same path but our hearts carry the same feelings. There are those feelings of hopelessness, emptiness and a sense of being forgotten. I can say that mine has truly been a journey of faith along a dry, dusty road. Might I add, a very slow, wandering in the wilderness. However, throughout the many miles of the hard road I have traveled, He has stationed Himself along the way for me as the Rock to rest upon and Living Water that is quenching my parched soul and body. He extends His strong arms with nail scarred hands and lifts me to my feet, constantly filling me with joy, for the moment, which gives me strength for what lies ahead.

What about you? How are you making it? Infertility can be extremely difficult! Are you all alone? I know you may feel alone, but you don’t have to be. Let me introduce you to my friend, Jesus Christ, the Savior. The One who is faithful to walk with you and carry you through this barren land.

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