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Register: Choose Joy: Surviving Infertility & Adoption Conference



Y’all! This is my friend, Emmy Blakely.

Allow me to give you the scoop on her.

She is the creative founder behind the event, Choose Joy: Surviving Infertility & Adoption Conference. I came to know Emmy as she reached out to me in 2012 to consider flying to California to take part in her first Choose Joy conference in 2013.

No two infertility journey’s are the same, including ours. But a similar vein runs through both of us, and it is the compassion to reach out to others and support those who are hurting. 

I’ve had the honor and the pleasure of participating in every Choose Joy Conference since its inception. And, I can tell you of all infertility and adoption conferences. IT. IS. THE. BOMB. Emmy goes above and beyond to exude the love of God through all of her creative details, offering a line-up of speakers who can share about infertility and adoption through varying viewpoints and experiences. Her favorite slogan and hash tag she created is #PEOPLEHELPINGPEOPLINGISMYFAVORITE

This picture says it all.

Once you attend Choose Joy, I can guarantee you’ll feel embraced. Embraced by others on a similar journey and embraced the love of your Heavenly Father. 

If you live in or near Los Angeles, or anywhere in the States for that matter and, if you are really struggling trying to get a grip of gamut of emotions from infertility, or if God is calling you to adoption and you are just not sure which path to take…then consider registering for Choose Joy.  

Yes, it costs. But trust me it’s worth every penny. FYI – The conference is open to couples as well. 

I’ll be there. If you are planning on attending, come by and see me! I’ll be holding one of the Breakaway Sessions, “Healing from the Hurt of Infertility“.

Hope to see you in sunny California on April 24th!

Love y’all,





About Choose Joy: Surviving Infertility & Adoption Conference by Emmy Blakely

Over the last four years our family has adopted two little girls after seven years of secondary infertility. We walked a very long and painful journey, but I would re-live every single second we spent on that road seven times over to bring our daughters into our family. God used those seven years to refine me as an individual and us as a family, and taught us that we need to love Him despite our circumstances and trust His plan even when it is different than our own.

Our story is one of high highs and low lows, of loss, despair, hope, joy, and ultimately of two miracles. When we thought we couldn’t afford to spend one more penny, God provided, and we were able to complete a $35k adoption. And another $45k one two years later.

One of the things that has always really frustrated me is the fact that the cost of fertility treatments and adoption can make these options unattainable for some families. It is the salt in the wounds of infertility, and it is the reason so many children are without a home. Since experiencing this painful reality myself, I have felt that at some point in my life I would become an advocate for these families. In 2012 God made it clear that the time had come for me to step up to the plate. And the Choose Joy Event was born.

Our first event in February of 2013 was amazing. It was truly one of the most incredible days of my life. I didn’t think we could top it, but then our second event in May of 2014 was even more incredible! So much goodness jam packed into one day… so much that we have actually decided to make Choose Joy 2015 a two day event.

Choose Joy is a two day faith-based conference event geared toward people experiencing infertility and/or desiring to build their family through adoption.

We will kick things off with dinner on Friday night and the conference will conclude late Saturday evening. There will be several break-away sessions where attendees can choose to hear about topics closest to their heart and situation, Q & A panel discussions, amazing testimonies, worship, and an opportunity to serve with Sole Hope. But the best and most exciting part is that at the end of the event we will be raffling off funds to help one lucky attendee grow their family!

If you are walking the painful and often lonely road of infertility, or even if you have never experienced infertility but still have a desire to grow your family through adoption, I would love for you to attend this event!


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