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Picture of the Day


“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:13 

This week marks our annual YARDflag sale. Where my husband and I make and sell American and Texas flags. (more on that later in the week). We’ve been pelted by rain so it has caused me to run for shelter and wait out the storm in my car.  As I sat there I looked up and notice all the droplets on my moonroof.  I thought, ‘That would be a cool macro shot!’ So, I whipped out my trusty iPhone, snapped a few and manipulated the image on the Photo Toaster app. The picture above is the end result.

I thought it turned out pretty neat. I titled the picture “Rainbow?”

Then it got me to thinking (yes, I know good grammar).

In the midst of the storm we need to look up to Jesus Christ.

If we could only look through the clouds and the rain, there is a rainbow, His promise.

My friend I want to encourage you today. In the storm of infertility and in the pelting rain, the sorrow from loss, look up and call out to Jesus Christ. He hears you and is faithful in His covenant promises to you.


Love to all, have a great week!


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