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Multiple Email’s?

For those of you who are on the subscriber list my apologies if you are receiving multiple email’s.  I don’t know what the technical problem is. So ‘thanks’ for your patience. I am in transition with a new hosting company and a new ‘web guy’ who is going to help me improve aspects of the website.  So, in the near future look forward to some changes….all for the better!

Thank you again for subscribing.  It means so much to me personally someone is not only interested in what I have to share, but is touched by what God has done and can do in a life affected by infertility.

I’m praying for us all for this New Year to be filled with peace, joy and more than we could ever ask, hope or dream!  (Ephesians 3:20).

Blessings to you! I’ll be in touch soon.


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