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Morning Prayer


Jealousy & Envy

“Loving Father, you Word tells me how to love. I know being envious and jealous is not part of Your divine love. Father, I am struggling with envy and jealousy as I see pregnant women and hear of the birth of a new baby. Help me not to deny Your goodness and Your perfect plan for others as you bless them with children. Teach me not to compare my life with others, to take every negative, envious, and jealous thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Replace jealousy with genuine joy and envy with sincere gratitude. I ask Your help to rejoice in truth with others as I hear of pregnancy or both. Thank You for teaching me Your way to love.
In Jesus’ name, amen.”

What about you?

How have you dealt with envy and jealousy? Consider leaving your comment. Sharing may help another person feel they are not alone. 





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Thank you for this, Lesli. Just before reading this I found out about a friend’s twin pregnancy and was wrestling with joy AND envy.

Lesli Westfall

You’re welcome, Lisa. Praise God that He leads me to know which prayers to post and that it is always timely. 🙂



Thank you Lesli for the wonderful message — it indeed is encouraging — difficult to practice but I pray God will provide His grace .. been waiting for 5years now .. seen all around have the second one too 🙂

Lesli Westfall

You’re welcom, Roshini. Yes, difficult to practice! But in the provision of grace He provides us the ability to JUST receive it, without any work on our behalf. But I find that is sometimes difficult to do. Sorry you’ve been waiting so long… I pray God will answer the cry of your heart for children.