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Monday Morning Prayer


Today’s Monday Morning Prayer is a little different than from what I usually post. Whether you’re going through infertility, secondary infertility, a miscarriage/stillbirth or a failed adoption attempt I feel the thoughts and scripture from Throne of Grace will speak to your heart.

As we wait on the Lord to answer the cry of our heart, our longing can cause deep pain, a grief seemingly hard to bear. We can carry and coddle the grief as if we would coddle a newborn baby. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, I believe…would have it another way, to be free and live life more abundantly! He desires us to  come to Him with heartfelt prayer and lay our burdens; our imagined identity of a mother (infertility) or the loss of life in our wombs… at His feet. After all the Bible says in Isaiah 53:3, “He was despised and rejected–a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.”

This past February I had the privilege of speaking at Choose Joy, an inspiring event for those dealing with infertility and seeking adoption. While there, I was given this spiral bound book, “How to Pray through Infertility.” I’ve found it to be such a helpful resource. The book and others like it are from Throne of Grace Etsy Shop. (They have one “How to Pray for the Birth Mother” too. Highly recommended if you are considering adoption). A few weeks back I posted Throne of Grace’s comments and scripture about Grief on Facebook. Through the many responses received it revealed to me how we can carry this grief, no matter how short or how long you’ve been on this journey.

I can honestly say “I AM LIVING PROOF’ of how God can turn a heart of sorrow and grief into a happy heart. God has done it for me and I know He can and will do it for you. This first step is prayer. Pouring your heart out to God as if you were pouring out water from a jug.

Read the following: Allow God to bring to light any grief your carrying and if it has become an idol in your life. Don’t be afraid to give it all to Him. His arms and heart are big enough!

From Throne of Grace:

“Pray that the Lord will show you *how to grieve over your infertility* in a godly way so that it won’t consume you or become an idol of your heart.”

“Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed with me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of HIs presence.” Ps. 42:5

This phrase is so true. I have ‘been there and done that’, but God in His infinite love has healed me from the grief of infertility so I can live life, and life more abundantly!

I’m praying for you today. As the saying goes, “Let’s do this!” Your brighter days are ahead.

Love ya’ll! ~ Lesli

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