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Monday Morning Prayer

Facing Another Who is Pregnant

Faithful God, everywhere I turn I see a pregnant belly.  The very thing I desire is all around me.  Help my eyes to turn upward towards You instead of outward upon others.  When I see another who is pregnant or hear of an unplanned pregnancy help me not to become angry or resentful. Put me in rememberance that You’ve known this child before you formed it in its’ mother’s womb and this baby is part of your ultimate plan, perfect plan. I ask You to  bless these pregnancies and children yet to be born. I’m grateful You are no respecter of persons and what you’ve done for them You are faithful to do for me.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous again. Job 42:10

Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9

While my life was fainting away, I remembered the LORD, And my prayer came to You, into Your holy temple. Jonah 2:7 NAS

I must certainly understand that God shows no partiality…  Acts 10:34

By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.  Hebrews 11:11



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