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LOOK! NeW sHoEs!

When my nephew Travis was about 3 or 4, he would get a pair of new shoes and in his husky little voice would say, “Look Aunt Lesli, new shoes!”  Any time he would receive a new pair, he’d gladly show them off. Today, even in his 20’s, he or I will still say and joke about it.

So, I say to you, “Hey! LOOK, NEW SHOES!”

Just for fun, I had to show these off. Custom artwork designed on canvas shoes. They are created by 17 yr. old, Steven Carpenter of Tripps Shoes.  I gave him pictures and lists of what I love: my business and ministry logo’s, passions: birds, flowers, cooking, etiquette, my dog, Clyde, he even drew a hummingbird and roses, in memory of my late mother and sister-in-law respectively.  I just love ’em!

You can have your custom-made pair too! He creates artwork on hats and key chains as well. He is an excellent painter with oils too.  You can contact Steven via his Facebook page or call.  He is within the Houston, Texas area, but he is able to create and send shoes within the continental United States. Contact him for details Tripps Shoes on Facebook or 281.678.4044.

$75 for the artwork, excluding the shoes.  Mine are Vans, Tom’s would work well too.

I love promoting others, especially young, Christian adults with exceptional talent like Steven. I hope you’ll consider supporting him too.

Have fun looking!


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