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Legacy – A Carpet Ad and a Locket


You may think, “That doesn’t apply to me, I have no children to pass on a legacy to.” But that is far from the truth. Read on!

If you’ve subscribed to the devotional posts  or frequent this website often, then you’ve become aware my mother passed away a few weeks ago. I don’t really won’t to keep harping on the subject of my mother; losing her unexpectedly, mourning, grieving and all the emotions that go with it.  However, this is the season I’m in for the moment. God’s faithfulness and grace has been like glue, literally keeping ‘me’ together.  So I just figure, what I’m going through and learning in the process I’ll just share it with you. Hopefully in relating my experiences it will help one feel ‘not alone’ and comforted too.

Now, here’s the story of the locket and the picture above. Albeit, not the clearest picture.

At my mother’s memorial service I wanted and had the privilege of speaking. My one last chance to honor her, and to present before others what they did not see due to her humble disposition.  I spoke about her creative artistic abilities, her mastery in home cooking and her verdant green thumb as a gardener. Part of my speech included a quote from my own journal I had written 15 years ago.

I said “God opened my eyes to my mother.  He showed me even though she is extravagant in her artistic creations, she is just a simple person.  I realize it is simplicity that carries through to eternity.”

After the memorial I had purposed to start journaling again. At this point in my life I wanted to write down my prayer requests and record daily how God answered.  One of my prayer requests is for me to sense God is near, for His love to overtake me, for Him to speak to me, even in the littlest things.

Honestly, He has shown me over these past several weeks…through nature, music, words whether sent in a card or spoken verbally that His presence is near. One night I had a dream I was eating dried cranberries with my friend, Andrea. (Hi, Andy! I know you’re reading.) Anyway, in my dream I started choking on my cranberries which awakened me in a coughing fit! So I went and retrieved something to drink, sat down and started looking at this decorator magazine.

What caught my eye in the wee early morning hours is what you see above, a line in an ad for carpet no less.

Name: Leslie’s Legacy Style: Simplicity

Legacy – something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor. Hmm, wow! Even had my name in front of the word. God was letting me know that I, yes, me without children, (yet) can carry on a legacy.

Style – Simplicity – to simplify ones life  in order to focus on things that are most important and disregard or avoid things that are least important. In the context of lifestyle, simplicity can denote freedom from hardship, effort and confusion. This description was the epitome of my mother.

Later on in the day I was going though her old costume jewelry.  Contained in each drawer of her jewelry box were not only vintage finds, but a vivid memory attached to each one. I pulled the locket (pictured above) out of a tangled mess.  I pried open the locket, in it a picture of me as a little girl.

I bawled, clutching it closely to my heart.

Instantly I felt my mother’s love that I thought I lost the day she died.  God let me know even though she is with Him in her eternal home in heaven, He and His love are with me.

In relating this very personal, unfolding story of my life presently.  I hope to bring about some points for us to ponder:

  • God’s speaks in unique, specific ways.  Are we watching, waiting and listening for Him?
  • God’s loves you and me. When we hurt or long for His love, He is faithful to give. Are we willing, open-hearted and open-handed to receive?
  • God instructs (even through carpet ads). What legacy will we leave? It does apply to you and I whether we have children yet or not! Amazing gifts, talents and qualities are in your possession. What will you give away now as you are waiting to be expecting?

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