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I’m Here for You


(a lovely screenshot from my iPhone)

“I’m here for you.” How comforting are those words, right? Well, I mean them from the bottom of my heart. I truly am here for you.

It’s been almost 5 years ago, to the date, I started this website Dancing Upon Barren Land. From the ‘git-go’ as we say, it has always been with the desire to reach out to those hurting, like myself. Perhaps, like you, the one reading this now.

At the beginning of the year the Lord made it clear a new mission for Dancing Upon Barren Land to enhance community and engage conversation. So for several months now I’ve been working with a web design company creating new features and revamping the existing web site.  On initial consultation with them they saw my heart to minister to those with infertility, loss…just plain ol’ heartache. Their suggestion was to create a Prayer Wall. A place where one could post their prayer request by name or anonymously, where your request can be prayed for and you can pray for others too! Each time the request is prayed for, one can click I Prayed For This Request. What a wonderful feature! How comforting it is to know you’re need is not forgotten and your are not alone.

I care for you and am here for you. Will you let me pray for you and let others pray for you too? Let’s start a community of prayer for those hurting through infertility.

The Prayer Wall is LIVE now so you can post your prayer request here.

Love y’all,

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