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“I Need You to be Strong!”

Hi there!

For those of you who are subscribers or those who frequent the website, you may be wondering why I have not sent out or posted a Monday Morning Prayer, Fertility Fact Friday or Devotional.  Lately, my time and attention have been towards my parents.  I have a father who is on hospice care at home and my mother had major surgery last week.  I share all that not to solicit sympathy, but  rather to share a sweet thing which happened today.

My mom’s stay in the hospital was thought to be only a 5 days.  Yet not too long after her surgery, she began to decline. It came to the point this morning where she wouldn’t respond to my verbal commands, take nourishment or even recognize me. A comatose state began to settle in. Needless to say, I was greatly concerned.

To make a long story short, the surgeon came in and said, “We need to take her back to surgery, open her up to see what might be going on.”

After the surgeon left, I pressed my nose to hers and with warm tears streaming down my face looking into her closed eyes, I said, “Mother, I love you. I’m so sorry, but they are going to have to take you back to surgery.”

She immediately opened her eyes and with a strong voice she said…

“I need you to be strong!”

She then closed her eyes and went back to her comatose state.

As my tough, pillar-of-a-mother said these words to me today.  I say them to you!

“I need you to be strong!”

Whether your going through fertility treatments, or a long, enduring adoption process or perhaps you are already a mother and  wondering how in the world you’ll make it another day or you are dealing with life’s issues.

Just remember the words of my mother…

“I need you to be strong!”


P.S. Thanks to all who have prayed for me and my family at this time.  I took the picture above last week. My mom loves her Starbucks double-shot Mocha Frappucino.  Hmm, I wonder where I get that from?

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