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Happy __________’s Day! – Tips for Surviving the Dreaded Day

HAPPY ________ DAY?

Hello friends,
Happy _______ Day? You fill in the blank.

For all of us who live here in the U.S. we know this coming weekend is our Mother’s Day holiday. But for some us, it is so painful. A painful reminder on how our bodies have yet to live up to the fertility challenge leaving a deep pang in our hearts.

For the life of me I tried to find a picture befitting this blog post. But all I came across were pictures and statements of the greatness of “mom, Mommy’s and Mother’s!” or pictures with negative connotations. Neither of them I felt would be encouraging or uplifting for this post.

I think we all have in our hearts and heads of what Mother’s Day means to us while we are on this journey. However, this year for me, I’m feeling a little ambivalent. I’m not sad, nor mad, but neither am relishing in it either.
So, I thought I’d share some tips how to cope on Mother’s Day, just some thoughts and little things I’m doing this year to ease the day.

I pray it will be helpful to you.

Tips on Coping thru Mother’s Day
…and rambling thoughts too.

– It’s Ok to feel sad. It’s Ok to feel like no one is honoring you. You are not the only one who feels this way. If a good ugly cry does it for you, then do it.

– Feel free NOT to go to church. It’s Ok if you don’t attend your place of worship. God still loves you and always will even if you miss a Sunday service. When roses are handed at the door, why experience the pain of the thorn? Have a Sabbath rest and take time for you this day.

– Get out of your “Me-Want-Baby Box”. What a perfect day to take the time with the spoken or written word to honor a friend close to you that is a Mom. This may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But I know some of you reading this now have stayed in the “Me-Want-Baby-Box” way too long and Mother’s day is the perfect time and day to do this. This year I’ve done just that. Sending cards to my mom-friends that I love. Even if I am late in getting them in the mail! {Read Psalms 125:5-6}

– Refrain from Social Media. Mother’s day will be like someone has thrown up on all of the sites. (sorry, that was a little graphic). We can wedge the dagger of pain a little bit deeper in our hearts hopping on a social media sites. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– What if someone says, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to you? Well, don’t give them the ‘stink-eye’ and give them the run-down on your fertility journey or explain to them WHY you aren’t a mom yet. Just smile, say “Thank you.” and conclude with “Well, I’m not a Mom yet, but hope to be.” {Read Proverbs 18:21}

– This day will pass. Tomorrow is a new day. The advertisements and the social media frenzy of Mother’s Day will cease and there’ll be something else to take its place…like Father’s day! {Wow! how encouraging am I? Huh?} You can make it through for 24 hours though!

– Practice James 4:8 – “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” I encourage you to do just that. He is closer than the air you breathe, my friend. He already knows the scoop, He loves you and hasn’t forgotten about you and me.
Don’t let the three words, Happy _______ Day? trip you up or get you down. I’m determined not to let it, won’t you?

Stay strong! We can get through this day!

Love y’all,


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