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Guest Post: The Prodigal Daughter

Today’s guest post is from my good friend, Beth Forbus. Beth is founder and leader of Sarah’s Laughter – Christian Support for Infertility & Child Loss in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She offers “Daily Double Portions”, a daily encouragement for infertility/loss tucked into your email inbox. I hope you’ll subscribe to her blog! Plus, be sure to check our her resources and products on her website too! www.Sarahs-Laughter.com
Enjoy the words of Beth today!


The Prodigal Fertile Daughter
Based on Luke 15
by Beth Forbus

Imagine that there was a Modern Day Infertility Version of the Holy Bible! Perhaps the story of the Prodigal Son would read something like this…

And Jesus said, “A man had two daughters. The younger of them said to her father, ‘Dad, I want my inheritance now instead of waiting until you die.” So he divided his wealth between them.

Not many days later, the younger daughter gathered everything together and ran away from home. She lived a wild lifestyle, didn’t honor God with her body, used every drug she could get her hands on, contracted various sexually transmitted diseases, and was totally irresponsible with every gift and blessing she’d ever been given.

The younger daughter ran into hard times, was unable to support herself and decided to go home to Daddy.

Her Dad was thrilled to see her coming, no matter the condition she was in. As she got closer, he could see her expanding belly, yet noticed no wedding ring on her finger. ‘I guess I’m not the daughter you dreamed I’d be,” she said. He wrapped his arms around her, wiped her tears and began to make plans for the biggest baby shower ever thrown to welcome his first grandchild!

The older daughter drove in from working at the family’s business. As she pulled in the driveway, she saw her Dad with a very pregnant, very ‘undeserving’ sister. She wouldn’t even get out of the car to approach her long lost sibling. Dad walked over and begged her to come embrace her sister.

“But Dad, for years now, I’ve worked in your business, I’ve balanced the books and stocked the shelves. I’ve never told you ‘no’ when you’ve asked me for overtime or asked me to work on holidays. I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me, yet I’ve not been blessed with a baby! My sister prostitutes herself and is granted the pregnancy that I’ve always wanted and you bless her with a shower that you expect me to attend? When will you throw a shower for me?”

As her tires squealed out of the driveway, the Father looked at his daughter and said, “All that I have is yours.”

Are you the older daughter? Perhaps you have watched countless ‘undeserving’ women conceive and bear children that they don’t want and don’t care for, and you’ve wondered why. Why does God allow others to conceive, yet withholds blessings from you? Has God run out of miracles just as your number was coming up?

When you see others conceive, yet your home remains baby-free, don’t let Satan convince you that God’s power is absent in your life. His blessing another person does not diminish His ability to bless you. Jesus Christ hasn’t run out of power, and His love for you is still as powerful and strong as it was when He hung on Calvary’s cross. He has blessings to bestow on you, no matter how He touches another’s life. Don’t let jealousy destroy you in your waiting.

Remember the words of the Father: “All I have is yours.”

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