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Giving Birth: A Beautiful Adoption Story


Today, I go for a court hearing. It’s not because of an offense I’ve committed, but to witness a birth. To observe the sign and seal of a beautiful package already delivered to my dear friends, Hannah  and Aaron Bunker.

The finalization of their adoption.


Hannah and Aaron with their twins, Grace and Cason

If you’ve hung around Dancing Upon Barren Land for awhile you may remember Hannah’s guest blog posts. Our story of how Hannah and I met is unique. God used another blogger miles away in the state of Washington to connect us. We’ve called it when Two Hopes Collide. You can read about the start of our friendship here.

I’ve witnessed Hannah, a fellow sojourner on this infertility road come from a place of depression and anger to this place, today, her arms full with a heart exploding in joy.


Hannah and her son, Cason

Hannah’s like a little sister and a daughter too, but most of all, she’s my friend. We’ve been through A LOT together.  Ticked-off moments at family members, and at times, God. We’ve been green-eyed with envy as others received the answers to their prayers while our requests remained in God’s queue.  Yet we’ve learned to link arms together and come alongside others to minister hope to women hurting through infertility at our  HOPE Christian infertility support group.


Aaron and his daughter, Grace

Hannah is an amazing young woman, full of talent, and quirkiness too. A trait she happily and willingly owns up too. She’s a gifted writer and can even write blog posts in the bath tub. Like I said, AMAZING. She’s very creative and artistic. Once God directed her and Aaron towards adoption she used the talent combo to fundraise and off-set adoption expenses.

And that she did.

God honored her and Aaron’s decision to say “Yes.” and trust Him for the provision.

And that He did.

Theirs is a testimony worth reading.

So, today, I’ll proudly witness a birth, not the messy-kind-no-drug-natural-birth-screaming woman type of birth, but the birth of a beautiful story. The adoption of Grace and Cason to my dear friends, Aaron and Hannah Bunker.

Today is a special day.

I love you Hannah and Aaron!  And the Babies Bunker too!

Read Hannah’s eloquently written story of Giving Birth to My Children on her website.


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