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FREE Workshop!






I know…Could this logo be any smaller? My bad? Sorry, but it’s the only graphic I have! But let me tell ya what this is all about…

Infertility Support Workshop

Saturday, August 24th, 9-3 pm, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

…it’s FREE!

Join me and other speakers for a day of information and inspiration. Sarah’s Laughter Ministry is hosting this free, one day workshop to support those with infertility, pursuing adoption or suffering the grief of miscarriage or stillbirth. There’ll be discussion from medical professionals, leaders within the IF community and a memorial service for miscarried or stillbirth children too. I hope you’ll join us. It’s sure to be a time where God will meet you.

Register Today at Sarah’s Laughter


Infertility Support Workshop
Saturday, August 24th

Healing Place Church
Highland Campus
19202 Highland Rd., Baton Rouge, Lousiana




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