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Fertility Fact Friday – Masculinity & Infertility

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Masculinity & Infertility

Recently I received Resolve, the National Infertility Association’s newsletter in the mail. There’s a great article included within its’ pages¬†Masculinity & My Infertility Journey¬†by Kevin T. Jordan. I found his story interesting and informative. No matter where you live within our world, fertility related issues seem to point in the direction of women.

But we fail to realize and account for:

  • 30% of is attributed to the male factor,
  • men are not as able or willing to talk about their experience,
  • failure of their procreative body function is often devastating to them, especially since infertility and sexuality are closely linked together,
  • men may consider it an assault on their masculinity if they are the cause for failure to conceive.

If your husband is the one with the fertility issue I want to encourage you — go easy on him. Let him process it emotionally and spiritually as he desires. Remember, we as women think and process diagnosis’ differently. Take some time to read the article. Most of all, I encourage you to love ‘your man’, for what he can give and what he can’t give for the moment, trusting God for the rest.

Love y’all,

Resource: Resolve, the National Infertility Association 


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