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Fertility Fact Friday

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Fertility Fact Friday


Validating Grief 

Whether one is going through infertility, or have experienced a miscarriage / stillbirth / failed adoption attempt, it’s a fact grief is felt, but seldom validated.  I read it once, “infertility or infant loss is a disenfranchised grief; a grief not publicly acknowledged or mourned, nor socially supported.” The dream of becoming a ‘Mommy’ dies within a woman’s heart. I’ve found it to be true even in my own personal journey through infertility.

How about you?

My friend, Beth Forbus from Sarah’s Laughter ministry is one who acknowledges the pain, heartache and offers the blessed hope and comfort found through Jesus Christ. She is holding a Memorial Service for those suffering through the grief of infertility or sorrow from infant loss. If you cannot physically attend the service on April 6th in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, please discover the resources she’s written within her website.



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