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Fertility Fact Friday

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For the most part, for Fertility Fact Friday, I usually post a tidbit about health or a new found discovery in the fertility world. However, today, I’m posting on marriage. In fact, a little advice for wives in regarding our husbands during infertility.

I know this will help someone today. It has helped me.

I pray you have a great, safe and fun weekend wherever you are in the world!

Love y’all,



Fertility Fact Friday

Wives sometimes have a hard time understanding the unique difficulties their husbands face when dealing with infertility.

Understanding Your Husband’s Perspective

1. Most men want to ‘fix it’ or in my case ask, “How much does it cost?”
2. They deal with it by being strong. Often times men deal with their grief, sadness and helplessness in the way they know how, through being strong.

An understanding of this will help us have more of an appreciation of how God created our husbands, thus helping us to avoid the additional heartache of unrealistic expectations.

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