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Fertility Fact Friday


State Infertility Insurance Laws

Here’s a list, along with details for insurance coverage for infertility by state. Presently, only eleven out of fifty states have a mandate for infertility coverage.


What about you? What is your story regarding insurance and infertility? For those who live in other countries, is medical provision for infertility or fertility treatments in your nation. Share your story, we all could learn from your experience.

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Kevin @ Growing Family Benefits

The states with mandates apply the requirements to group plans. Employers headquartered in those states often employ people in other states, meaning the mandates get exported.

In situs state is the insurance term describing how laws cross borders. Couples should research where their employers plans are sitused. The employer headquartered in a mandate state might provide the best option. Rather than looking at the usual premium cost, and deductible, couples should consider what is covered.

Lesli Westfall

Thanks Kevin for your information.