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Fertility Fact Friday

Fertility Fact
Whole Milk Dairy Products

“Data collected in Nurses’ Health Study–a comprehensive, long-term look at the diet and lifestyle choices of more than 200,000 female nurses–led to the surprising finding that a daily serving or two of whole milk and foods made from whole milk (full-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and even ice cream) seem to offer some protection against ovulatory infertility, while skim and low-fat milk do the opposite.”

Resource:  Cooking to Conceive, Kim Hahn and the Editors of Conceive Magazine, Intellectual Capitol Productions, 2009

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Andrea Jones

You know I like that!

Dee Dee Levins

Bring on the ice cream ( also low gi) YUM!

Lesli Westfall

Yes and amen, Sister!

Lesli Westfall

Yes, Andrea, how well I know. 😉

I’ve told many people that the #1 thing I’ve done to help my fertility is switch to whole raw milk. 🙂


So interesting…it seems that there is so much finally coming out now in favor of dairy, and whole milk products. I wouldn’t be surprised at all about this finding. I did have some ice-cream last night. 🙂

Lesli Westfall

So true Marcy!

Lesli Westfall

Yes,Natasha, I have a few girlfriends that are singing the praises of raw milk!