Guest Post: Deserts Will Blossom

Today's guest post, Deserts Will Blossom is contributed by Lisa Newton of Amateur Nester blog. Check out her website to find more helpful information about infertility, as well as her eBooks too, at Thanks .

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Prayer - Facing Another Who is Pregnant

A Prayer for Facing Another Who is Pregnantfrom the book Dancing Upon Barren Land - Prayer, Scripture Reflection & Hope for Infertilityby Lesli A. Westfall "Faithful God, everywhere I turn, I see a pregnant belly. The very .

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Prayer - Shame, Guilt & Condemnation

Prayer: "Father God, I thank You that You have given Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for all my sins, past, present and future. Father, I draw near to You with a sincere .

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