Speaking Topics

Lesli would be honored to share at your next Women’s Ministry event. With her passion for the Word of God and her authentic and heartfelt spirit – she easily connects with her audience. Her topics extend beyond the subject of infertility. Please contact for further inquiry.


Giving Life to Your Longings
All of us have longings, dreams and wishes but what do they really mean? They tell us God has designed us for more. When shattered dreams turn into disappointments and the longings turns into the long wait, destructive patterns can develop. Lesli will give the keys to develop our faith and character in Christ while we wait for the desires of our heart.

Songs of the Heart  
Four women in the Bible; Miriam, Deborah, Hannah and Mary encountered battles like we face today. Each of the women was victorious yet had a unique song in their heart. Lesli will travel the Bible and unfold their songs of victory, triumph, thanksgiving and magnification.

Lesli shares three steps to deeply connect with God and create community within your family, your work and culture. She interweaves her life story using God’s Word, the sword, and uniquely depictsong the symbolism of a Native American POW-WOW, a feather and arrow. She reveals how you can become a POW-WOW, a Possessor of the Word – Women of Your Word.



Having a Heart of Hope: Healing from the Hurt of Infertility
From her own desire to have children, Lesli shares her heart and the faithfulness of God. She’ll discuss the different phases of grief and its’ impact on our heart. She’ll answer the questions and give keys through God’s Word, “What is the heart? Why is my heart so heavy? How do I get rid of the hurt?” Lesli will reveal God’s heart of love to us so we can have a heart of hope!


Christian Living 

Set Apart as an Ambassador of Excellence – Part I & II – ETIQUETTE
As Christians, we are set apart unto Christ as children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Leading a Christian life means leading by example by portraying kindness and thinking of others. She weaves Biblical principles and her expertise in etiquette to admonish others to lead a life of excellence.
Part 1 – Introduction Skills   Part II – Dining Skills

Holidays to Remember – HOME
The holidays are a time to gather family and friends and to celebrate. Lesli will show how to make our homes a dwelling place of traditions and hospitality for the invited guests and to the ones we love. Lesli will use offer timely traditions and ideas to make your holiday the most memorable of occasions.